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Radiofeedback is the best way to Get Connected and Stay Connected to your listeners.

When it comes to operating your radio station, you know what you know.



Few things are more important to the revenue and ratings of your station than the satisfaction of your listeners. When listeners aren’t happy, they leave. When they feel neglected, they leave. When they don't perceive value in the relationship, they leave. When they leave, it impacts your business.

It impacts your top line due to lost revenue.

It impacts your bottom line due to the high cost of replacement.

Bullseye’s RADIOFEEDBACK™ gets you connected and keeps you connected with your listeners, generating a steady flow of market intelligence and feedback on your music, programming, sales and community issues. Radiofeedback gives you an opportunity to have an ongoing dialogue with your heaviest users. Radiofeedback is a tool that produces valuable information across all departments.
Using RadioFeeback

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