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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I took the survey and registered with a home/private email address. Will this send me (or any listener that fills in the email) future invitations to participate?

A: Yes. At present we post a new hook list say on Wednesday and let site traffic begin to score the songs. On the following Monday or Tuesday we send an email to the database thanking them for taking part and notify them of a new song list to get their feedback. If the "U Pik The Hits" is promoted with liners at least 2 per day part it will continue to drive new traffic. However, the email to past respondents is important to not only encourage them to participate, but to keep the database purged and clean.

Q: How often can a listener participate in the same survey?

A: Participation is based on each wave posted. We track responses by ip address so an ip address can participate and score a wave one time. If they log in again to score the songs from that ip address the system will allow them to participate but, the scores will not go into the system. That score line on our server will be blank with the exception of the ip address ID.. We don't want to be the police so we don't scold them for multiple scores we just don't accept them. If they go to another computer it is a new ip address.

Q: The survey seems really long. I'm worried that my listeners may get bored or loose patience and not complete the survey. Why isn't there an indicator showing your progress?

A: The test is 40 songs.. We will use 35 of those songs in the final report. We have not seen any issues with the length of the session.. In fact, we randomly rotate our songs to get even distribution of scoring regardless if the listener quits early. As far as a progress indicator, our experience shows it really causes more respondents to quit early. If a respondent quits after 10 songs it's okay.

Q: Why is the Artist's Name and Songtitle not shown in the survey?

A: Indentifying the artist or song produces a bias based on just that. We want an opinion of the song.. Not the Artist. It just gives you better quality of data.

Q: Can we use our own custom Graphic or Icon to link the survey instead of the ones provided?

A: Yes. You can generate you own graphic and post the link behind that graphic. We really encourage you to keep it simple and make it fun. We may look at this as research. However, listeners look at it totally different. It is an opportunity to voice their opinion.

Q: What is required to start using the FREE version of RadioFeedback?

A: No fancy paperwork or anything. It is FREE. Simply register your account and an email will be sent to you containing the survey link to add to your website. You may download our provided Icons here or generate your own.
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