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  • To view data entered by listeners to your station, from your web site just enter the zip code selections in the box marked “Zip Filter”  enter the entire zip to view a specific zip, 37212 or multiple zips, 37212, 37203,37226 . Make sure zips are separated by a comma. To view the entire market  just use the first two numbers of metro / regional zips. 37,38 etc.  Once you have made your zip sort selection just click “Update Report” and view data from those zips.

  • Retrieving the data will take just a few seconds. Radiofeedback is sorting through a lot of data to give you the requested information.

  • Until you remove the Zip codes in the Zip Code Sort box you are viewing data in those zips.

  • Every sort requires you to “Update Report” to produce the selected sample.

  • To PRINT your view just click the print icon in the header.
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