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  • Your live liners asking listeners will drive the Radiofeedback sample.

  • Your listeners will click on the "Pick The Hits" link/Icon on your station website.

  • Listeners will be automatically navigated to the Radiofeedback music test.

  • They will be screened in with a series of short questions on Age Group, Gender, Zip Code etc..

  • We also ask the email address of the respondent. These email addresses are data based and are available to you on a per use basis. Radiofeedback manages and maintains the database at no charge. See "Databases" for more info.

  • Listeners go directly into the test and score songs on a 1 to 5 scale with "1" meaning they strongly dislike the song and "5" meaning they really like the song a lot. 

  • A follow up question on each song asks listeners if you are "Playing The song To Much" , "Not Playing It Enough", "Playing It Just About Right" or "I Haven’t Heard The Song on the Radio".  

  • Each song hook will run up to 20 seconds.

  • These hooks will randomly rotate to insure listeners don’t get the same order of hooks when they log in. Each respondent has a different song order. Randomizing helps generate even scoring on songs and produces a more reliable result. Avoiding a “sequence bias” is important for sample quality.
  • It is really just that simple.

  • Now that you are getting your listeners feedback on current music. How do you view this data?
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