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  • Make sure your pop up blocker is OFF.. Most reports and print views are actually pop ups.

  • Navigate to Radiofeedback.com. Bookmark the site for easy access.

  • You are now on the Radiofeedback home page.. Click "Log In" and enter your registered Email and Passwork.

  • You are now on the appropriate format page.

  • The page will auto populate.. You are viewing collective data from all radio stations in the format using radio feedback, a useful tool in itself.

  • Click on any column to rank by that column.

  • Check any selection in the header to view that selection. If you uncheck Males and click "Update Report" you will view data entered by females.. Just "Uncheck" any cells you don’t want to view or print since the default position is to check all boxes, ie; Uncheck boxes you do not want to view / print leaving only the selection you wish to view or print checked.

  • If you choose to view Females 17-34, just make sure the only selections checked in the header are "Females",  17-24 and 25-34.

  • To PRINT your view just click the print icon in the header.
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