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Here are a couple of liners that are being used and producing good results. (Stations are not identified) The idea is to make it fun and light.. Bring the listeners into the process of helping you decide what and how to play music on your station.

If you make it too serious and “Researchy” the response will be soft. Listeners want to tell you how they feel but they don’t want it to be like work.
    Here's Some Examples:

  • "We want your opinion on our music.  Which songs should we play more, which songs should we play a little less. It’s quick and it’s easy.. It’s "U Pik The Hits" Just log on to wcwc.com, look in the upper right corner of our home page, and click on the "U Pik The Hits" button.  Tell us what you think, it’s "U Pik The Hits" on wcwc.com…
  • "U Pik The Hits" is where you tell us what you think about the music you hear on Mix 92.9.. It is on our web site home page. So, log in to WJNN.com and look to the middle left of the home page for the “U Pik The Hits” button. Just click and let us know what you think.. Should we play it more, should we play it less.. It’s "U Pik The Hits" on WJNN.COM.
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